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Course objective

The Certificate in IFRS course is designed around the syllabus of the ACCA’s “Diploma In IFRS” course, the objective of which is to take participants through all the topics covered in the syllabus and help them prepare for the Diploma in IFRS examination conducted by the ACCA.

India has converged to IFRS and has issued its own IFRS equivalent accounting standards, referred to as Ind AS. We realise that it is critical for finance professionals to understand the accounting standards in the Ind-AS framework, and the related practical application issues.

Accordingly, while covering different IFRS for preparing you to sit for ACCA’s Diploma In IFRS course, we will also cover important differences between IFRS and corresponding IND-AS in every module.

Objective of ACCA’s Diploma In IFRS

On completion of the Diploma, candidates should be able to:

  • Understand and explain the structure of the framework of IFRS
  • Apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports
  • Identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and notes
  • Prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash-flow statements) including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures."

Certificate and assessment

EY will award ‘Certificate of Participation’ to participants who have at least 80% attendance in the course.


The IFRS Certification Course can be attended by graduates with accounting background. However, to register for the ACCA’s Diploma In IFRS course, the eligibility criteria are as follow:

  1. If you are a professional accountant or auditor who works in practice or business, and are qualified according to national accounting standards, then you are eligible to take this ACCA financial reporting qualification.  If you are working professional, but not yet qualified, then you may still be eligible. You will need to prove that you have one of the following:
  2. Three years’ relevant accounting experience (by submitting a letter from your employer)
  • A relevant degree plus two years’ work experience
  • An ACCA Certificate in International Financial Reporting plus two years’ work experience

Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions

  • Training programs are subject to a minimum number of participants. If a training program does not meet this criteria, then EY FAAS Learning Solution is entitled to cancel it at its discretion, without liability. In such instances, the EY FAAS Learning Solution team can offer the participants alternative options or a refund as applicable
  • Cancellation and refund policy
    A full refund less an administration fee of INR 5000 will be given for cancellation requests received up to 5 working days before the training. Cancellations must be made via emails only, before 5 working days deadline. Delegates who cancel less than 5 working days before the training, or who don’t attend, are liable to pay the full course fee, and no refunds can be given. However, if you wish to attend a subsequent scheduling of the course, and you have paid your course fee in full, the same could be done subject to availability of the seats in the subsequent batches. Replacement participants are always welcome

Course outline

IFRS Corresponding IND-AS
IAS 1 Ind-AS 1 Presentation of Financial Statement
IAS 2 Ind-AS 2 Inventories
IAS 8 Ind-AS 8 Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates & Errors
IAS 10 Ind-AS 10 Events after the Reporting Period
IAS 12 Ind-AS 12 Income Taxes
IAS 16 Ind-AS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment
IAS 19 Ind-AS 19 Employee Benefits
IAS 20 Ind-AS 20 Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government assistance
IAS 21 Ind-AS 21 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
IAS 23 Ind-AS 23 Borrowing Costs
IAS 24 Ind-AS 24 Related Party Disclosures
IAS 27 Ind-AS 27 Separate Financial Statements
IAS 28 Ind-AS 28 Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures
IAS 32 Ind-AS 32 Financial Instruments: Presentation
IAS 33 Ind-AS 33 Earnings per Share
IAS 34 Ind-AS 34 Interim Financial Reporting
IAS 36 Ind-AS 36 Impairment of Assets
IAS 37 Ind-AS 37 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
IAS 38 Ind-AS 38 Intangible Assets
IAS 40 Ind-AS 40 Investment Property
IAS 41 Ind-AS 41 Agriculture
IFRS 1 Ind-AS 101 First-time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards
IFRS 2 Ind-AS 102 Share-based Payment
IFRS 3 Ind-AS 103 Business Combinations
IFRS 5 Ind-AS 105 Non-current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations
IFRS 6 Ind-AS 106 Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources
IFRS 8 Ind-AS 108 Operating Segments
IFRS 9 Ind-AS 109 Financial Instruments
IFRS 10 Ind-AS 110 Consolidated Financial Statements
IFRS 11 Ind-AS 111 Joint Arrangements
IFRS 13 Ind-AS 113 Fair Value Measurement
IFRS 15 Ind-AS 115 Revenue from Contract with Customers
IFRS 16 Ind-AS 116 Leases


Course deliverables

10 Live Online Sessions of 6 Hours Each
15 hours of recorded videos
Comprehensive Study Material from BPP Learning Media
EY Presentations, Publications and Question Bank
One Year Access to EY LMS

Course schedule

10:00 AM to 04:00 PM IST

    Start date

  • Saturday, 27th February, 2021
Level : Professional
Language : English
Training Mode : Live Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)
Audience profile
  • Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, ICMA, and other finance professionals
  • Semi Qualified CA, CS, ICMA working in accounting domain
  • Finance Managers, Financial Controllers, Accountants
  • Private Equity and M&A professionals
  • MBA finance working in accounting domain

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